The Structure of the University of Kurdistan Hawler
The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr which is locate on the 30 Meter Avenue, Hewlêr (Erbil), Kurdistan – Iraq, is an initiative of and is funded by the Regional Government of Kurdistan. It opened its doors in 2006 as the First and only Public, English-medium and Independent University in Iraq. Since then, its structure has changed noticeably with the intention of contributing more to “Promoting the Kurdistan Region through Academic Excellence”. Today, the University has 3 Schools, 4 Academic Departments, the English Language Centre, and 7 Administration Departments. 
The Schools and their Departments 
1- School of Social Sciences (SSS) 
The School of Social Sciences at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr has contributed in significant ways towards the esteem of the institution as a research producing academic facility. Our staff are motivated to invest more time in research and publications whilst maintaining heavy teaching schedules. This is achieved through long working hours. There are 2 Departments within the School: Business and Management Sciences, and Politics and International Relations. 

2- School of Science and Engineering (SSE) 
The School of Science and Engineering (SSE) at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr consists of 2 Departments: Natural Resources Engineering and Management (NREM), and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Since its establishment, the School of Science and Engineering has performed outstandingly in all areas of academia and has been contributing significantly in achieving academic excellence. 
The School has successfully handled all the challenges faced during the last couple of years. SSE has focused more on research during the last couple of years. All faculty members are encouraged to publish their scholarly articles in peer reviewed, high impact factor international journals of science and engineering. As a result of continuous encouragement and proper measures taken by the School, SSE faculty managed to publish 65 peer reviewed scholarly articles in highly reputable international journals in the past 3 years. Furthermore, some colleagues have written and contributed chapters in scientific text books. 

3- School of Medical Sciences (SMS)
The School of Medical Sciences is a unique Medical Education programme that trains student in addition to the mainstream medical education, the research, and clinical evidence-based training and education to graduate the doctors of tomorrow. Critical to the future of medicine is the training of physician-scientist. The profession of medicine has entered an especially challenging and exciting period as the health care system undergoes revolutionary changes in its organization and focus. In addition, the discipline is experiencing an explosion of new knowledge in the basic & clinical sciences. There is therefore, an increasing need for leaders who can use powerful, newly developed technical and conceptual tools to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness. 
One of the most effective ways to provide leadership on these issues and to advance our knowledge in the science of medicine and healthcare is through an educational programme such as the MBBS- Master’s - PhD programme. 

University of Kurdistan

The trainings provided to the students through this programme are unique as it offers knowledge in basic, analytical skills coupled with acquisition of highly clinical skills. Our programme at SMS/UKH combines systemic and rigorous research preparation for the Master’s and PhD with MBBS curriculum. Our programme offers opportunities that are challenging and rewarding for students who are committed and motivated.